Barbara Champion

Barbara Champion counts herself as fortunate for being in the lives of special needs children both within her own family and in her career . She is a mom of four boys, and she has worked with children of special needs for more than fifteen years. Working with these children combined with her education in American Sign Language, she has seen the difference it’s made in their lives. She has had the opportunity to work with kids of various abilities and diagnosis.

Her biggest thrill over the years is to see a child who previously didn’t know how to communicate a thought or feeling, use a sign for the first time. She has seen kids that had little to no language learn sign language, or what she affectionately calls Hand Talk, which is also the title of her first book. The kids can tell her an elaborate story they created, or just share what they did over the weekend. She loves watching their faces light up when they are understood.

Barb loves teaching Hand Talk and believes it’s just a fun way to learn some signs, while at the same time learning the basic building blocks of communicating with sign language.

Visit her website for more information and upcoming books and to inquire about classroom visits or workshops.

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