Jim Hosek

I was born in Chicago and interesting fact, I have an identical twin brother. So if you say hello to me and I just ignore you, well it wasn’t me, it was him. Sometimes he’ll pretend to be me just to mess with you so be careful.

I am a real life veterinarian when I am not writing about Dr. At. I actually get a lot of ideas for my stories from my own experiences doing house calls. I’ve never solved any real mysteries apart from “what is making my dog so itchy?” (It was fleas!)

I am married to a “real doctor” (She has an MD). I tell her she’s just a veterinarian who specializes in one species. She likes to point out that my patients try to bite me. We agree to disagree.

I have two sons. I suppose they could be my twin brother’s, who would know, except my wife, but maybe not. We are identical. I have two cats. They adore me and worship me in their own cat ways. That is to say, they ignore me until they are hungry and like to give me hairballs as gifts and will let me pet them if they’re in the mood. I am also known as “The Cat Whisperer” due to my almost supernatural-like ability to make cats bend to my will. Clients are often impressed with my ability to connect with their pets. I have known about this ability ever since I was in vet school and I only use it for good.

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