2018 Authors

We are excited to feature so many talented local authors at the 2nd Annual White Oak Author Fest!

Amanda Moncrefe
Amy McNulty & Joy Penny
Angela Seals
Anita Davis
Ann Rubino
Bibi Belford
Bill McCormick
Brett H Weiss
CC Dragon
Christine Streed
Cindy Ervin Huff
Clara Kensie
Cynthia Powell
David Nestad
D.E. Malone
Denise M. Baran-Unland
Diana Estell
Diane Jerome
Ericka Bailey
George Swimmer
Harold Stromberger
Holly Coop
J.L. Callison
Janet Riehecky
Nicole Falls
Jeremy Kester
Joanne Zienty
Karen Bedore
Kristina Springer
Leigh Hellman
Lisa A. Maggiore
Marlene Targ Brill
Michele Foote
Mike Grosso
Norm Cowie
Pat Camalliere
Patricia Shinn Wojtowicz
Patrick Bredlau
Penny Blubaugh
Rayna Andrews
Sarah Aronson
Sheila Kelly Welch
Sherelle Green
Tony Mankus
Tracy Korn