Diana Estell

The joy and pains of Diana’s personal story, as well as her educational background, have shaped her writing style. Diana has a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Illinois University and it was there, while writing for her classes in anthropology, that her love of writing re-awoke.

Growing up, Diana had a book in her hand constantly. Books like Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, and countless others. The love of words is a deep passion of hers. She enjoyed reading the dictionary, taking words and changing them into new words. Words were her imaginary playground, a veritable lush garden, springing out blossoms of creativity.

When Star Wars blasted into orbit, so too did Diana’s love for all things fantasy. Dungeon and Dragons and Star Trek played a significant role in her private imaginary world. Now the worded playground, with its abundant flora, sprung forth thorns of sharpened steel. Planets and creatures emerged with ease. This passion for fantasy has never left, but has grown stronger.

Diana has traveled extensively, most recently to Paris, France. Her love for history, martial arts and weapons is woven into her writings. Diana has a black belt in a martial arts blend of Taekwondo and Jujitsu. She had anticipated she would be going on archeological digs after graduating, but childhood dreams never die. No matter how many layers of her past accumulated, nothing could stop a story from emerging in her mind. Her first novel, Abyss of the Fallen, a young adult Urban Paranormal fantasy, will launch on October 15, 2018 by Brimstone Fiction.

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