Pat Camalliere

A Lemont resident and author of local historic mysteries, Pat Camalliere wants people to know what a great place this part of Illinois is.

“This is why my books are set here. It’s a fascinating area, geographically unique with an important history, many quirky stories, and ghost lore. It’s a great fit for a mystery series,” Camalliere says.

Camalliere released the award-winning The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, the second book in the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series, last fall. In the story, local historian Cora Tozzi writes a book telling of a Potawatomi Indian woman in 1817 who turns amateur sleuth to get her son out of prison. Just as the book is about to be published, an attempt is made on the writer’s life by someone who does not want the story told. Two stories, from 1817 and present day, interweave to solve two separate but related mysteries in a book-within-a-book format.

Camalliere’s first novel, The Mystery at Sag Bridge, is the story of amateur historian Cora Tozzi, who is haunted by the ghost of a young woman killed in a graveyard at St. James at Sag Bridge in 1898. As Cora digs into the woman’s past to solve the mystery of her death, the story takes a poignant turn, and both women, a century apart, examine threads to the past and future and confront personal loss linked across generations.

Camalliere and her husband live in Lemont, Illinois. She serves on the boards of the Lemont Historical Society and Lemont Library, and is a member of Sisters In Crime, Chicago Writers Association, and the Society of Midland Authors.

She speaks locally on a variety of topics and publishes a blog of historical articles about Northern Illinois, available at

Contact Pat through her website or connect with her on Facebook.

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