Tracy Korn

Tracy Korn’s years of teaching high school English have convinced her that teenagers are superheroes. Their resiliency, drive, and passion for making the world a better place inspired her character driven, high action and adventure debut novel, AQUA, which is the first in The Elements series. Tracy is also a robotics coach, novice cinematographer, film buff, and all around science geek who may or may not have a “Lip Smackers” chapstick addiction.

Tracy holds Master’s degrees from Indiana University in Secondary Education, in Language, Culture, and Literacy Education, and in English. She lives in Indiana with her husband and their two very own superheroes. Stay in touch at

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Sheila Kelly Welch

Before Sheila Kelly Welch went to school, she’d started drawing – mostly horses with flowing tails rendered in black crayon. She wrote in her junior high diary that “someday” she hoped to write and illustrate children’s stories. After earning two degrees at Temple University, she married Eric Welch, taught for several years, moved to the Midwest, and began raising a family of seven children (six adopted). At the age of 35, Sheila had open heart surgery. The metallic tick-tick of the artificial valve reminded her of the passage of time. Her first short story was accepted for publication within two years, followed by her first book, Don’t Call Me Marda, named an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award finalist.

Sheila’s short stories have been accepted by numerous magazines, including Highlights for Children, Children’s Playmate, Girls’ Life, Ladybug, Cicada, and Spider. Her story, “The Holding-On Night” published in Cricket, won the International Reading Association short story award. Her most popular book titles are Little Prince Know-It-All, for beginning readers, and A Horse for All Seasons, a collection of short stories. Two of her novels, Waiting to Forget and The Shadowed Unicorn, have been on Master Lists for Young Readers Choice Awards. Waiting to Forget is on “best book” lists  compiled by Bank Street College, Pennsylvania School Library Media Association, and ranks 10th out of 102 books on Goodreads list of the best realistic fiction for middle schoolers.

Twelve years ago, Sheila was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but she continues to write and draw. If your book club, library group or school class would like to visit with this author/illustrator for half an hour via Google “Hang Outs,” please e-mail her at, and put “Virtual Visit” in the subject line.



Book Trailer for Waiting to Forget

Cynthia Powell

Cynthia Powell is the Author of “Living Life at My Own Risk: The Afflictions Of My Heart, “The Emotional Fire: The Fire That Burns Within”, and Co- Authored “Where Is My Right Shoe?: You Say One Thing And I Hear Another!”

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Healing Heartstrings Inc.
Healing Heartstrings Support Center
30 S. Stolp Ave.
Aurora Il. 60506

Sherelle Green

Sherelle Green is a Chicago native with a dynamic imagination and a passion for reading and writing. Ever since she was a little girl, Sherelle has enjoyed story-telling. Upon receiving her BA in English, she decided to test her skills at storytelling by composing a fifty-page contemporary romance. The short, but sweet, story only teased her creative mind, but it gave her the motivation she needed to follow her dream of becoming a published author.

Sherelle enjoys composing emotionally driven stories that are steamy, edgy, and touch on real life issues. Her overall goal is to create relatable and fierce heroines who are flawed just like the strong and sexy heroes who fight so hard to win their hearts. Nothing satisfies her more than writing stories filled with compelling love affairs, multifaceted characters, and intriguing relationships.

Sherelle loves connecting with readers and other literary enthusiasts. She is one of the founding members of Book Euphoria, a literary group in Chicago, responsible for planning events to promote reading. Her goal is to increase literacy in the Chicagoland area by sharing her love of writing and educating others on the fundamental benefits of reading. Her literary memberships include Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Novelists, Inc. (NINC). She’s also an RSJ Emma award winner and two-time RT Book Reviews nominee.

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Diana Estell

The joy and pains of Diana’s personal story, as well as her educational background, have shaped her writing style. Diana has a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Illinois University and it was there, while writing for her classes in anthropology, that her love of writing re-awoke.

Growing up, Diana had a book in her hand constantly. Books like Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, and countless others. The love of words is a deep passion of hers. She enjoyed reading the dictionary, taking words and changing them into new words. Words were her imaginary playground, a veritable lush garden, springing out blossoms of creativity.

When Star Wars blasted into orbit, so too did Diana’s love for all things fantasy. Dungeon and Dragons and Star Trek played a significant role in her private imaginary world. Now the worded playground, with its abundant flora, sprung forth thorns of sharpened steel. Planets and creatures emerged with ease. This passion for fantasy has never left, but has grown stronger.

Diana has traveled extensively, most recently to Paris, France. Her love for history, martial arts and weapons is woven into her writings. Diana has a black belt in a martial arts blend of Taekwondo and Jujitsu. She had anticipated she would be going on archeological digs after graduating, but childhood dreams never die. No matter how many layers of her past accumulated, nothing could stop a story from emerging in her mind. Her first novel, Abyss of the Fallen, a young adult Urban Paranormal fantasy, will launch on October 15, 2018 by Brimstone Fiction.

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Lisa Maggiore

Lisa Maggiore is the author of a children’s picture book, Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses, a short story, Pinterest Saved My Marriage, and a novel, Home from Within. Lisa is currently working on other writing projects and practicing her storytelling skills during Live Lit performances. Lisa resides in Chicago with her family.

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Denise M. Baran-Unland

Denise M. Baran-Unland is the author of the BryonySeries supernatural/literary trilogy for young and new adults, the Adventures of Cornell Dyer chapter book series for grade school children, and the Bertrand the Mouse series for young children.

She has six adult children, three adult stepchildren, sixteen total grandchildren, six godchildren, and four cats.

She is the co-founder of WriteOn Joliet and previously taught features writing for a homeschool coop, with the students’ work published in the co-op magazine and The Herald-News in Joliet.

Denise blogs daily and is currently the features editor at The Herald-News. To read her feature stories, visit For more information about Denise’s fiction and to follow her on social media, visit

Pat Camalliere

A Lemont resident and author of local historic mysteries, Pat Camalliere wants people to know what a great place this part of Illinois is.

“This is why my books are set here. It’s a fascinating area, geographically unique with an important history, many quirky stories, and ghost lore. It’s a great fit for a mystery series,” Camalliere says.

Camalliere released the award-winning The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, the second book in the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series, last fall. In the story, local historian Cora Tozzi writes a book telling of a Potawatomi Indian woman in 1817 who turns amateur sleuth to get her son out of prison. Just as the book is about to be published, an attempt is made on the writer’s life by someone who does not want the story told. Two stories, from 1817 and present day, interweave to solve two separate but related mysteries in a book-within-a-book format.

Camalliere’s first novel, The Mystery at Sag Bridge, is the story of amateur historian Cora Tozzi, who is haunted by the ghost of a young woman killed in a graveyard at St. James at Sag Bridge in 1898. As Cora digs into the woman’s past to solve the mystery of her death, the story takes a poignant turn, and both women, a century apart, examine threads to the past and future and confront personal loss linked across generations.

Camalliere and her husband live in Lemont, Illinois. She serves on the boards of the Lemont Historical Society and Lemont Library, and is a member of Sisters In Crime, Chicago Writers Association, and the Society of Midland Authors.

She speaks locally on a variety of topics and publishes a blog of historical articles about Northern Illinois, available at

Contact Pat through her website or connect with her on Facebook.

Jeremy Kester

Jeremy Kester is the author of, The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle, thGood Teacher”, and the sci-fi saga, “Gravity.”
An independent writer, Jeremy has worked over 15 years as a chemist in the polyurethane foam industry. While juggling his passions for writing and pouring foam, he also studied at the University of Pennsylvania where he eventually dropped out to focus on his career.
Born in Kentucky, Jeremy has lived in several states as well as in Germany and has traveled to numerous other countries eventually settling outside of Chicago with his family where he now works as a technical manager.
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